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Jomon Civilization Gallery

From 11th.Dec. to 15th.Dec.2013

National Treasure Sasayama Site No1 The Most Beautiful Kaen-Style Pottery 5000 Years ago

Large Photographic Prints ( Black & White, 5 feet ) of

Ancient Jomon Heritages (About 12000>2300 years ago)

Include National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties

JR Nagaoka Station

a 3-minute walk ( 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo)

Phone : 0258-46-0601

From 21.Jan. to 31 to 17.Mar.2013

The Largest Kaen-Style Pottery Dozitte Site 5000 Years ago

Enlarged Picture

Address : Ishizaka Dazaihu-City Hukuoka

From 21.December.2012 to 31 Mar.2013


From Apr. 2010 to Jun.2010

February 2005

More than 26000 people visited.

About the next exhibition,please contact.

The Medieval Hidden ...

Mask of Noh

Mystic Shrine-Maiden ...

Mystic Beautiful Shrine-Maiden ...

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